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Country Status
Independent Sultanate.
Head of State

Sultan Qaboos bin Said

Arabic (official), English.
Land Surface
212,000 km
1 Rial = 1000 Baiza.
1 Rial = US$2.56
US$1 = 0.390 Rial
Local Time
4 hours ahead of GMT.

Sultanate of Oman is situated in the eastern corner of the Arabian peninsula. It is divided into two parts the main region with a coastline along the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea and the enclave of Ras Musandam, which is separated from main Oman by territories of United Arab Emirates.

The climate of Oman is hot and arid. Daily average temperatures vary between 21C and 35C, while annual rainfall is only 100 mm.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Oman is 11.488 million dollars. Until the discovery of oil, agriculture was the basis of the Omani economy. It has been temporarily eclipsed by the oil industry and the resultant construction boomed. Agriculture still has considerable potential although the oil industry is the main contributor to the national exchequer, agriculture in Oman revolves around the growing of fruits, vegetables, corn, and tobacco. Cattle rearing is also one of the main occupations of the people in the mountains. Around Salalah are coconut plantations, which are regarded as the only area in the whole Arab world where coconut palm is grown.

GCC nationals are exempted from securing visas to enter the country. All other nationalities need to possess a valid entry visa. Health regulations for those entering the country have to furnish certificates proving that they are free from malaria, yellow fever, and AIDS.

Radio and television stations churn out a wide variety of programs comparable to international standards. Oman has many Arabic publications which are aimed at the native population. English newspapers and magazines also exist but their circulation and readership are limited.

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