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Country Status
Independent monarchy of absolute power.
Head of State

King Fahad Ibn Abdul Aziz

Arabic (Official), English
Land Surface
2,240,000 km˛
1 Rial = 20 Qurushs.
1 Qurush = 5 Halala.
100 Rials = US$26.7
US$1 = 3.75 Rials.
Local Time
3 hours ahead of GMT.

Saudi Arabia consists mostly of semi-desert and desert with oases, where half of the total surface is uninhabitable desert. Very little rain. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia consists of the Central plateau of Najd and Al-hassa and the coastal strips of Asir and Al-Hejaz on the Red Sea. The east is lowland, with very hot climate. The southwest has mountains as high as 3,000 meters. Saudi Arabia covers the greater part of the Arabian Peninsula and its Western Coastline extends some 1,000 miles down the Red Sea to the borders of Yemen.

Likewise, the climate is dry and hot. Riyadh, the capital, has an average temperature in July of 42؛C and January of 14؛C, while Jeddah has 31؛C and 23؛C. Annual precipitation in both places is below 100 mm. There are no permanent rivers and lakes in Saudi Arabia. Vegetation is scant, consisting mostly of xerophytes herbs and shrubs. Animal life includes ibex, wildcats, baboons, wolves, and hyenas in the highlands. Small birds are found in the oases.

Islam is the Country's religion , The law of the land is based on the religious law of Islam and sentences are based on the Koran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the seat of Islam and the two holiest places for Muslims all over the World, Makkah and Madina are located in Saudi Arabia.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Saudi Arabia is 121,103 million dollars, The Kingdom's main exports are Crude and Refined Oil, Petrochemicals and Petroleum products. The largest oil field in the world is located here and is known to hold 28 million barrels of oil. Proven oil reserves amount is 30% of the world's total reserve. Saudi Arabia exports engineering and metal products, pipes, cables, copper, air-conditioners, aluminum products, building materials, marble products, cement, gypsum, and paper products. As far as the agricultural sector is concerned, vegetables, fruits, dates, and wheat are the main products. Meat and poultry products are also produced in a large scales. Sheep, camels, and horses are reared and hide, skin and wool are exported. Fishing is also one of the main occupations.

Visas are required for all nationals except those from the GCC Countries. Non-Muslims are strictly forbidden from entering Makkah and Madina
Health regulations for yellow fever immunization and inoculation against cholera are necessary for visitors coming from infected areas, TAB inoculation is also recommended.

The Saudi Arabian Broadcasting system operates several medium and short-wave programs in Arabic, English, French, Urdu, Indonesian, and Swahili languages. Apart from these, an English television channel is run by ARAMCO. Transmissions are through the public network stations. The print medium is represented by a large number of Arabic newspapers and periodicals. English newspapers are also available.

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