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Country Status
Independent Arab state of absolute power.
Head of State

Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani

Arabic (official), English.
Land Surface
11,500 km˛
1 Rial = 100 Dirhams.
100 Rials=US$27.80
US$1 = 3.64 Rials.
Local Time
3 hours ahead of GMT.

Qatar is an independent Arab state situated on the western shore of the Arabian Gulf. It is boarded by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the south, and Bahrain in the northeast. The peninsula of Qatar is mostly flat and stony desert, while the desert in the south of the country is sandy, and it rains very little here (less than 130 mm/year). Qatar has hot and long summers with high humidity, while winters are pleasantly cool in daytime, but can be freezing in the night. Qatar has one of the most harsh climates of the Persian Gulf. The highest point of Qatar is 40 meters above sea level.

Vegetation and wild life is extremely limited, due to climatic conditions. Most animals are small, and adjusted to desert living. Only the north has some vegetation.

Qatar is strongly urbanized, 90% of the population lives in towns and cities. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Qatar is 7.473 million dollars. Qatar's main products are related to petroleum. Steel manufacturing, cement, fertilizers, and wheat production are the other important areas of activity. Trading and contracting also form a part of the commercial scenario.

Visas are required for all nationalities except those belonging to the GCC countries and Britain. Business and transit visas are also provided. Health regulations for cholera, typhoid, and yellow fever vaccinations are advised. AIDS tests are also recommended.

There are daily newspapers and also magazines in both English and Arabic. Television and radio broadcast have also established in a distinguished manner.

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